It has been proven that endorsements from respected third-parties, such as the media and influencers, are 90% more effective than advertisements in influencing customers' decision-making.

Public Relations can help quickly raise your company’s profile and improve your reputation. Whether your PR objectives are to get more customers, raise your company’s profile, enhance your reputation, or simply to get people talking about your business, we’ll put your business in the right places so the right people see your message.

Media Relations

We have an extensive network of media contacts throughout the UK & Ireland across a wide range of business areas and publications.

Our experience and expertise in pitching to media gives  your message, story or information the best chance to feature in the places where it will be most effective – whether that’s in the newspaper, online, radio or on social media.

New Product/ Service Launch

You have spent months creating that new product or service that your customers will love. Now it’s time to shout about it!

We’ll work with you to create a unique story about your new product or service and then perfect a strategy to make it stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to make the launch as newsworthy to your customers as it is to you!

Influencer Relations

Some of the most influential people in your field might be bloggers or social media stars. These opinion formers can carry a huge amount of influence in your industry and a good or bad word from them about your business, product or service can quickly make or break your reputation.

We will identify the key opinion formers in your world and work with you to create a strategy to build strong relationships, creating long-lasting advocates for your business.